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Advanced Data Views

The data and indicators on this page are no longer being updated. More recent data is available in the child and maternal health section on PHE’s Fingertips tool.

We recommend that you use Advanced Data Selector to help you do the following:

  • Compare indicators which are found in different themes in the Data Atlas
  • Quickly and easily export datasets to Excel

To get started, follow the steps below. If you need more information view the Quick guide to using the Advanced Data Selector

For all other functions, please use the Data Selector.

ChiMat will be carrying out further work to extend the range of functions which Advanced Data Selector provides. This will include the ability to choose indicators and create a child health profile based on this.

Registration: You do not have to register to use the Advanced Data Selector. However, registration allows you to save custom area selections. This is useful if you want to use them regularly as you will not need to recreate them each time. Click here to register / log in.

To start designing your data view, click on a geography in the list below, then click 'Next >>' to choose areas/features within it (you will choose indicators later).


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